Lexon Around Clock

This clock looks really cool! It’s a cylinder that simply rotates and the position of the red line (which doesn’t move) indicates the current time. Brilliantly simple. I really want one.

You can buy the Lexon Around Clock online.

Big Thrill Clock

For the low, low price of $159 you can have this retro inspired clock which has a rotating board for each hour and minute of the day. How cool is that. Buy it here.

Wood Plinth Clock

I ran across this awesome clock today and had to share. It might look really tacky if it didn’t match your home’s decor, but I think it could work well in some settings. You can learn more, or buy it at West Elm.

And if you don’t know what a plinth is, add it to your vocabulary:

In architecture, a plinth is the lower mouldings of a podium, pedestal or skirting, or a block or slab upon which a column, pedestal, statue or vase is based. In the classical orders it is the square block of moderate height under the base mouldings of a column or pedestal.

One type of fool’s errand is to send someone to find a plinth ladder.