Customer Service Starts with the CEO

I’ve realized something important today that I’ve known for a long time, but never really stopped to think about. Customer service starts with the founder of a company. The head honcho. The big cheese is really where it starts and ends. If the CEO of a company doesn’t care, neither will the employees.

Customer service begins at the top

I went over to The Men’s Wearhouse today, and purchased a suit. A really nice suit. I spent over $500 and walked out of there feeling like a new man. The manager of the store helped me through the process and his entire staff was behind him to help me find the best matching clothes without asking.

The manager helped me pick out a nice navy blue suit which fits perfectly. While I was changing out of the suit, one of the other staff members picked out a series of matching shirts and ties. They had asked if I was interested, and I said I was. The whole team pulled together to make me look great, and it showed. Over 6 staff members assisted me during my brief visit (less than 30 minutes). It’s magical.

On the radio for years I’ve heard the famous catch phrase “You’re gonna love the way you look, I guarantee it” which is uttered by the company founder, George Zimmer. It’s true. Customer service really does begin at the top.

How this applies to personal productivity

Happy customers return, and really happy customers tell their friends. A business grows based on the service you provide and allows your company to grow, raise prices, and be the one people tell stories about.

I’m more inspired to tackle customer service again. I feel like we have okay customer service, but sometimes it can be rocky (not because we don’t care, but because we often get too busy to spend the time that great customer service requires).

Success is largely about keeping your promises

That’s how Seth Godin defines success and I think it also summarizes what it means to be good at customer service.

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4 thoughts on “Customer Service Starts with the CEO”

  1. Thanks for the link Chris!

    You’re right about great customer service taking time. This is time very well spent as it is an investment that will pay back its return continually into the future.

    Customer service ROI often comes in the form of those loyal customers you mentioned that bring their friends to the table. Well served customers become the solid base upon which your company can grow.

  2. Good customer service is what we do at The Men’s Wearhouse. We’re a neighborhood store like small town stores were on Main Street years ago. We provide the same intense customer service when we rent tuxedos for Proms or Weddings. We look forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Joe, thanks for visiting! Yeah, I really do enjoy your web site. Sometimes customer service can be a bit difficult to do really well. It’s the small things that matter though and I work at it every day.

    LC, thanks for teaching me about intense customer service.

  4. Chris,
    I have never spent much time reading blogs other than to find information to help my customers. Yet today I literally “Stumbled” upon your blog and it immediately captured my attention. Not that the article about money was overwhelmingly intriguing but it caught my attention because I am a collector. What kept me at your sight were the articles on Deadlines and Customer Service. They were well written and succinct. I to was inspired to do better in both areas and I appreciate the timeliness of your comments. Thanks again.
    Rod Caddy

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