Personal Productivity Blogs

I read a large number of personal productivity blogs, and thought it would be fun to share two of them with you.

Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development for Smart People

A site that became wildly popular after it was revealed that the owner, Steve Pavlina, makes a living off of ads on the site. Pavlina even tried the concept of Polyphasic Sleep to the amusement of his readers (but then discontinued after some time). Another good article is titled How to Become an Early Riser.

David Seah’s Better Living Through New Media

Dave came up with an interesting idea a few years ago to create beautiful and useful productivity tools for himself. On paper. He calls them The Printable CEO, and shares his work with you for free and many people use them daily.

Andy Ferra, a designer in Phoenix I have had the pleasure of working with, wrote this about The Printable CEO:

One of the things I like about it most is it helps you define a clear system for prioritizing tasks and process to go through when you’re not being productive to help you get back on track.