Tips for Staying Organized: On Paper

Paper is great. You can easily use it to stay organized. In many ways, paper is better than any software tool for keeping up to date on your tasks. You can take it anywhere!

I present you with four links that will help you organize your projects and your life on paper.

  1. Moleskine PDA — Using your Moleskine notebook as a project and task organizer. Simple but clever.
  2. The Emergent Task Planner — An amazing paper based tool for staying on track in your day.
  3. Paper Prototyping — Paper prototypes invite people with little-to-no technical background into the design process.
  4. Remember names at meetings by making a map — Sometimes the obvious ones are the best.

My favorite tip of all time is this: Grab a sheet of paper and write down what you are going to accomplish today. Then make a new sheet every single day (or every night, before you head home).

2 thoughts on “Tips for Staying Organized: On Paper”

  1. If paper prototyping becomes uber-popular, imagine the profits that Post-It could reap in by creating wireframe shaped sticky notes! 🙂

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