Track all of your time, not just the billable time

I’ve discovered that most people only log their time in their timesheets if it is billable. I’m going to give you a new reason to track all of your time, even the unbillable moments in your day.


Imagine being able to pull up a graphical chart showing your billable time compared to your unbillable time. You could see at a glance that a large chunk of your day was either billable or unbillable. Companies call this an employees utilization, and the goal is to have a large proportion of your day be billable.

It’s great information to have, because you can keep appraised of your overall effectiveness.

Well, our tool will give you the ability to see how your time is utilized, but it won’t tell you this unless you log all of your time. Billable and unbillable.

Don’t worry, we’re going to make it super easy to do all of that, so it won’t be a pain.