Pomodoro Timer App for OS X

I’ve been tracking my time on a daily basis for almost 8 years now. It’s something of a habit at this point. I’m even detailed when tracking my own non-billable time.

I’m serious about tracking my time because I’ve needed to be efficient every day, and avoid distractions. I’m my own boss, and since my time is what I sell, it’s important for me to stay focused.

Because of that, I keep my time tracking widget visible at all times on my computer, so I can see exactly¬†what I’m supposed to be working on. I write a detailed description of the task at hand, and start the timer… having that clock ticking… and assigned to a client and project, keeps me on track. I don’t want to have to adjust it later, since it’s too much effort.

I think the Pomodoro technique is perfect for people that don’t want to go to this extreme to track their time. The Pomodoro Timer for OS X doesn’t even have long-term tracking, and doesn’t allow you to enter a description of what you’re working on. It simply exists to keep you focused on your task, and reminds you to take a break at set periods.

Do you use the Pomodoro technique to stay focused in your daily work? If so, leave a comment here about how the technique has affected your day.