How many hours do you REALLY work each day?

I’m not sure how many of you read Slashdot? I don’t read it, but a long time ago I subscribed to the Slashdot Poll because I found it entertaining and at the time it was one of only a few polls used online.

The current poll asks “How many hours do you REALLY work each day?” Fascinating question! At this time, 21,364 people have answered the poll. Here are the top 3 responses:

  • 5-6 Hours – 24%
  • 3-4 Hours – 19%
  • 7-8 Hours – 16%

Anyways, I doubt that many of the responders actually definitively know the answer to the question. Nobody can constantly produce 100% efficiency every day. It’s probably impossible to do that with all of the distractions we have today. Hence the importance of limiting distractions in your day.